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    1. TOLD “NO CASE”

      TOLD “NO CASE”

      Many personal injury attorneys out there are known to sift?Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases, taking on only the straight forward, “slam-dunk” cases. At Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys?, we take the tough?Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases?and fight the good fight. Our motorcycle injury lawyers have had many successful outcomes to?Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases?that other attorneys turned down. Injuries, medical treatment & repairs can be undervalued and case strategy overlooked due to ignorance or lack of experience. Some personal injury attorneys do not have the experience necessary to recognize a winning?Motorcycle Accident Injury Case?or may be hesitant to file a lawsuit. They may not understand the culture of motorcycle riders or be so unfamiliar with standard motorcycling practices that they misunderstand a rider’s actions on the road. Not only do we leave no stone unturned, our reputation for fearlessly litigating?Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases?sometimes helps to resolve cases more quickly.


      Roberto R. had an accident with a lit-up California Highway Patrol officer. He initially signed with a competitor, who mishandled his?Motorcycle Accident Injury Case. They did not file the government claim form correctly, then decided he had no case to pursue, telling Roberto the circumstances were “too complicated” and there was “no value” to his case. This injured rider was a club member and had stopped treating for his injuries for several reasons. He was left hanging with not a lot of time. Luckily, he came to us for a second opinion. It was immediately apparent that the facts had not been properly assessed and the other firm was discouraged at the challenge of proving the law enforcement officer was at fault. Upon our investigation, the officer’s own department agreed he was responsible for the accident. We were able to secure our client the proper medical treatment so he was able to fully recover physically. If he not called us and just listened to what our competition said he would have been out a $275,000 settlement and been permanently injured.


      Shawn W. got into an motorcycle accident and the police report had 5-6 witnesses that had him speeding doing multiple wheelies. A nationally known major law firm immediately dropped his?Motorcycle Accident Injury Case?when they saw the police report which found him completely at fault. Focusing on the injuries and a few other pertinent factors, we still felt we would be able to help him. Despite the hurdles (and the wheelies) we were able to get him the full $50K of the policy limit. Obviously, that was the best possible outcome he could ever expect.


      Bryan N. came to us after his former attorney had just dropped his case. He had no liability insurance coverage and very significant medical bills. The police report had him completely at fault due to unsafe passing on the right. In actuality, he was riding his motorcycle in a bicycle lane which is legal within a certain distance before making a right turn. After presenting this little known fact to the other side, they ended up tendering the full policy limit. We were also able to reduce his out of pocket medical bill in half.


      In Michael A.’s case, the police report had him and the other party sharing fault for the accident. Michael had a pre-paid legal service that he could use in case he was injured. He called the network and got through to a plaintiff’s attorney who handled personal injury cases. His pre-paid attorney told him that given the police report, he would not be able to take his case. Michael then came to us and we ended up getting him the full policy. He was very, very happy.


      Michael C.’s police report was a complete mess and listed the defendant driver as a witness. As Michael approached an intersection in a residential area with the right-of-way, a car came from his right a few feet into the intersection. He assumed it was going to blow a stop sign and laid down his bike. The defendant had a $25,000 policy and the insurance company originally denied liability outright. Michael’s wife is a practicing attorney with experience in personal injury and works for a firm that handles such cases, but they declined to represent him due to the police report. A difficult case to prove, we were able to get an independent witness’ statement confirming that the car had indeed moved out in front of Michael and that his reaction was reasonable. After much negotiation, we were able to secure the entire $25,000 policy, in addition to Michael’s own UIM coverage, which also tendered the $25,000 limit. We also assisted with the reduction of his outstanding medical bills, getting his $70,000 hospital bill written off to a nominal $9,000 so that much of his recovery ended up in his pocket. Michael’s wife was very surprised at the winning outcome and needless to say, both Mr. & Mrs. C. were very happy.